True Dye Sublimation Print Gives Stained Glass Effect


TRUE DYE PRINTED BANNERS ON SATIN FABRIC - The State University of NY at Brockport wanted to mimic historic stained glass windows in fabric to hang in their library. MVP Visuals supplier of custom printed displays, was asked to create fabric banners for their Drake Memorial Library printed in a way that would give the effect similar to stained glass.

To achieve the effect of stained glass, MVP Visuals used a single piece of satin. Printing on both sides of a single sheet of satin would allow the light to illuminate the graphic as it does with actual stained glass. Using a True Dye print method on both sides of the satin would make sure the double sided print had 100% color penetration.  Satin fabric is translucent enough to let the light shine through illuminating the image.

The original photographs taken of the stained glass windows were used for the artwork for the print however the photographs did not capture the vibrant color of the stained glass.  Color corrections were done to enhance the colors as well as lighten up the blurred dark spots that muddied the facial images.The true dye print method is used when perfect print penetration is needed. True dye print actually prints on both sides of the same piece of fabric are dye sub printed with careful registration.

True dye gives the most vivid color and detail over other digital print methods. True Dye double sided print works particularly well with photographic images.MVP also supplied the silver banner arm hardware which was aluminum with adjustable wall bracket and matching acorn tip.The result was a stunning effect and the banners are now adorning the halls of the library.

Written by Mary Dykas, owner of MVP Visuals.  MVP Visuals  is a supplier of custom printed trade show and event supplies for corporations, sports teams, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and many others. For more information on the full line of E-Z UP ® Tents and displays go to or call (800) 980-MVP1 (6871)  


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