How to Select the Best Portable Trade Show Display.

Portable Trade Show Displays 

If you regularly exhibit at trade shows you know how important having the right display is and if you are new to trade shows you will find out very quickly. You want a display that is easy to travel with but still have the high visual impact to create the image you want to convey. Fortunately, there are a variety of highly engineered displays that are designed for portability as well as impact. All you need to do is find the one that fits you needs best.

Events are becoming more varied in their locations and duration so for many exhibitors it is important to find a versatile display. Almost every display is available in a table top version and there are some that actually convert from a 10’ tall display wall to table top display in seconds! There are 3 basic styles of portable displays and variations with each style. You will need to take a few things into consideration before you select your display…

Budget – Determine what portion of your marketing budget will go to your display. The tighter the budget the more versatile your display needs to be so it can accommodate a wide variety of venues.

Size – Consider the area you need to cover and the size of your graphics. Two smaller displays can be put together for your larger venues and independently at smaller shows.

Portability – If you are driving to your shows, the portability of your display may not be an issue but if you are flying and don’t like to check your baggage, then weight and portability can be a big issue.

Message -Think about the message you need to convey. If you will need to change your graphics often or maybe even on the spot then look for a display that will meet that need. The fashion industry uses retractable displays with changeable cartidges in them so they can change their graphics to fit their immediate audience.

Here is a breakdown of the major categories of displays (Trade Show Display Comparison Grid) . There are variations within the categories but determining the type of portable display you need is your first step in make all of your trade shows much easier!

Written by Mary Dykas – MVP Visuals, LLC  www.  offers a full line of custom Expand brand trade show and event displays.  Marketing Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory


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